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June 2018 Calendar-Horse Buggy In Sunset Murud Janjira 

June is the month that brings peak of the summers in India. Some parts in western ghats and coastal Kerala get their first showers of Monsoons but for most of us in North India relief from summers is still a month away. Add to the misery some of our popular hill stations like Shimla are reeling under tourist onslaught and suffering from lack of water, proper parking places and for all practical purpose you get exactly what you tried to escape from.

Anyways without being Gyani baba and all and give you sermons on how to be a responsible traveler and all the other accompanying advice ( which most of us never actually follow when the time comes ), here is what  I am going to do. I will keep this post short and about June 2018 Calendar and give you this sizzling hot picture of a Horse Buggy on a beach in Murud Janjira in coastal Maharashtra, not very far from Bombay.

I was in Murud Janjira at the peak of monsoons last year and was hoping to get some cloud action during the journey but as my luck would have it not only we go two sunny days when none were expected  I could not actually go the sea fort as I reached the there late due to bad roads thanks to monsoons. But is that what not travel about? Every time I miss or doing something that I specially went to a place to do, I always console myself – “Fikar, not desi, this means you are destined to come here again”

So with hope in my heart that I will get to visit coastal Maharashtra soon here, for June 2018 Calendar I give you a Horse Buggy and its reflection on a hot evening around Sunset in Murud Janjira in Coastal Maharashtra. Where I went all alone jee you know like a  Solo Traveler.




As always the June 2018 Calendar can be downloaded by saving the files in respective sizes on your PC / phone etc. The calendar comes in 3 sizes

2100 px wide

1600 px wide

1024 px wide

June 2018 Calendar wallpaper free download

June 2018 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper Horse Buggy Reflection on Beach

If you look at it the sunshine was a blessing in disguise as otherwise if it was a rainy day I would have never got this silhouette reflection of the Horse buggy in the golden sunset 🙂 So like they say it is all for the best.  While one cannot control the weather, one can always learn to enjoy the weather we have. If it is rainy let us dance in the rain, if it is sunny let us click some pictures especially during the sunset time.

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  1. What a beautiful picture of the solo horse, solo carriage and the sole man on it. 🙂
    Love your calendar pictures, Desi Traveler! 🙂

  2. It was my long wish to visit janjira fort of maharashtra, a fort surrounded by sea water. But my dream has everytime been thwarted though i could visit to ratnagiri, goa and aurangabad. This blog gave a renewed strength to plan fr that secluded historical fort once inhabited by the SIDDIS

  3. That;s a beautiful shot….Serene…

  4. Amazing post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a lovely one!

  6. Stunning pic.

  7. Beautiful capture

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