Aug 312012
A few days ago  I was very sad on learning about passing away of Neil Armstrong, the first man on moon before I was even born. Then today I read that today will be a rare phenomenon called blue moon on the funeral service of Neil Armstrong.

I actually thought that the moon will be blue in color today, only to later learn that it is more derieved from the saying “ Once in  a blue moon”, which actually means when there is a full moon day twice in a month due to the way the Gregorian calendar is designed. This happens once in a few years and next time will happen in July of 2015.

Now since moon takes around 28 days to revolve around earth and a month can have anywhere between 28 to 31 days, every once is while or should I say  once in a blue moon you get a month with two full moon nights.
That my friends is the concept of blue moon and the moon actually does not looks blue as I learned today.
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Check the picture that I have taken today of the “Blue Moon”. I think this is the perfect tribute by the moon to the man who became star after walking on the moon. RIP.. Neil Armstrong, The Moon Walker.

full moon
The Blue Moon on 31st August 2012

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  1. Nice photo and nice write-up! 🙂

  2. My interest in photography was growing in 1969. At age 14 years old, I stayed up to watch Armstrong’s first step on the moon, and took black and white photos of the TV set while he did it!

  3. but contrary to all belief and theory the moon did look blue, as we were travelling from Auli to haridwar and we didn't know it was a blue moon night 🙂 or may be we were drunk 😉

  4. nice… and true. it feels like the end of an era when you hear of icons passing away

  5. Thanks for sharing that… how time flies…I think the next milestone mankind will achieve is a Man or should we say Woman on Mars…because men are already from Mars!

  6. Risking the label of being ancient , I would like to share that, we saw the recording of the moon walking by Niel Armstrong, in 1969, then the USIs, which was housed above Kamat Hotel Secretariat.:-)

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