Sep 282015
Pictures of Super Blood Moon

My experience of clicking Super Blood Moon in India Moon is our closest neighbor and satellite.  Moon is also the heavenly body in space where humans traveled to in a spaceship, so I guess I can write about Moon on my travel blog:). I write this post with great disappointment as I could not get the pictures I wanted.  The bigger reason for disappointment is not because I could not get pictures but because I did not research properly before going out to click on pictures. You see I was happy with the pictures I clicked of the last Blood [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Mar 122013
A Journey By Bus From Hyderabad To Mahbubnagar

Reaching Koil Konda Fort by Bus from Hyderabad to Mahbubnagar Given a choice my first preference to go anywhere is take an overnight train, sleep in the train and arrive at destination next day. If the journey is too long, then I    take one of the low cost airlines, only on very few occasions I have dared to take a Bus to go anywhere, like when I went to Hampi in a Volvo bus. So this weekend when I joined the GHAC trek to Koil Konda fort in Mahbubnagar district, I was a little skeptical, to take the bus [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Aug 312012
Once In A Blue Moon!

A few days ago  I was very sad on learning about passing away of Neil Armstrong, the first man on moon before I was even born. Then today I read that today will be a rare phenomenon called blue moon on the funeral service of Neil Armstrong. I actually thought that the moon will be blue in color today, only to later learn that it is more derieved from the saying “ Once in  a blue moon”, which actually means when there is a full moon day twice in a month due to the way the Gregorian calendar is designed. This [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]