Jan 012018
January 2018 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper - Starlit Pool Lakshman Sagar Rajasthan

The Starlit Pool¬† Lakshman Sagar Rajasthan on January 2018 Calendar Wallpaper   Happy New Year to all the readers of desi Traveler ūüôā May you travel far and wide in 2018 and yet have cherished meals and memories with your loved ones, thus giving you best of both worlds. I have been waiting for 2018 to come soon, not because I did not like 2017 but because I was traveling constantly for last 10 + days while fighting a bout of viral that gave me a severe cough as a¬† parting gift.¬† So while I was traveling from the [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Aug 312012
Once In A Blue Moon!

A few days ago ¬†I was very sad on learning about passing away of Neil Armstrong, the first man on moon before I was even born. Then today I read that today will be a rare¬†phenomenon¬†called blue moon on the funeral service of Neil Armstrong. I actually thought that the moon will be blue in color today, only to later learn that it is more derieved from the saying ‚Äú Once in¬† a blue moon‚ÄĚ, which actually means when there is a full moon day twice in a month due to the way the Gregorian calendar is designed. This [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]