Apr 102009

Our elder daughter had her first long journey at the ripe old age of 90 days. I was between jobs and was to move to Kolkata from Mumbai. We decided to stay for some time with my parents in Delhi and take some time off before the grind of the new job began.

Since we were moving house we have shipped most of the stuff with a truck, but still, we had a lot of stuff with us so we decided to take the good old Train– Rajdhani from Mumbai to Delhi. We were in an AC II tier compartment and we had lower birth. Since the misses wanted to feed the little one she decided to go and sleep on the upper birth. All went well in the night and there were no issues. For a change, the little one decided to be kind to her parents and the fellow passengers and did not cry in the night contrary to her habit of keeping the whole neighborhood awake during the night. Around 7 in the morning misses came down to chat with me and 2 elderly gentlemen who were sharing the space with us. In our talks, we got so engrossed that we almost forgot about the little one. The poor little kid was lying on the top floor right under the AC went and had become so cold that her mother started crying at her mistake. Fortunately, the kid was OK and after being wrapped in a blanket and getting some milk she was in her normal self once again. We gave a big sigh of relief and thanked the Almighty Lord for being kind to our little daughter. This was our first lesson in traveling with kids that you just cannot leave them alone as you never know what can go wrong. More on what can go wrong on a trip with kids in a  blog post about our trip to Digha.

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