Nov 112013

An Evening well spent: SoCh a breeze of positivism

We are so used to hearing all kind of negative news, that anything good, positive is totally lost in the cacophony of negativity around us. But there are people around us who are actively and structurally working to make sure we do not forget that there is hope and love to be spread around us and there are people who are already doing it without anybody knowing much about it.

Once such event I attended this Sunday was the 2nd session of SoCh, a very unique event that showcases the benign universe around us.

My interest in the event was twofold; there was a book launch by Nivasini Publisher of the book family matter, which is an anthology of poems and stories from around the world.  The cover page of the book is  photographed by passionate photographer and multiple national and international awards winner Mr. Chandrasekhar Singh. He graciously gifted me a signed copy of the book 🙂

 Chandrasekhar Singh nat geo photographer

Chandrasekhar Singh: Passionate Photographer

Family Matters cover photo by Chandrasekhar Singh

Family Matters an international anthology

Rochelle Potkar, Nivedita N, Sunita Prasad, yagnya mishra

Rochelle Potkar speaking at book launch of Family Matters

4 of the contributing authors Rochelle Potkar, Nivedita N, Sunita Prasad and Yagnya Mishra were present at the event. Another fellow blogger with whose blog I read regularly Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan’s story is also in the book.

There were other absolutely wonderful speakers at the event like Mahinder Vaishnav, who works closely with visually challenged and is also the former vice captain of Indian cricket team for the blind.

There was Archana Londhe from Dirty Feet talking about her passion, learning and joy of taking out urban kids to rural settings and make them learn about REAL India and its issues.

My other interest in the event was to listen to Akram Feroze who is cycling across India, with the bare minimum and improvises Cycle Natak  (street plays) to spread locally relevant issues. It was heart warming to listen to him talk about his experience with a young Kavya in Andaman and her unhappiness about alcoholism in her village. I spoke to Akram today again and must say his enthusiasm for #untravel on his cycle is infectious.  Though I was only wondering what Mamta Di will say if he enters Kolkota?

I was also very happy to listen to Rohit S, a volunteer from Rang De Hyderabad Chapter. I am sure those who read my blog regularly know how much I support Rang De model of micro-finance and I have myself traveled as volunteer for Rangde in past.  Here is the website of Rang De

Over all a very well spent evening asking you to not just travel outside but also travel inside your heart to find your own calling.

As Subhorup who is a wonderful writer (Check his awesome blog post about Jazz music on desi Traveler) and one of the brains behind the event put:  “SoCh is for Social Change and you don’t need an invitation to be part of SoCh, all of us who have something positive and want to do something beyond just thinking and talking, they are part of SoCh automatically. “

The event was organized by Blend of Tea, and Nivasini Publishers check here for more about the event.  ( Images courtesy SoCh and Nivasini)

If you would like to be part of SoCh, you don’t need an invitation, there are no barriers or qualifying criteria, just get in touch with Subho on his email: subhorup AT gmail dot Com

Over all it was a very well spent evening with learning about a few good things around us and a message to travel a bit inside me also and not just outside.

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