Mar 102016
Lufthansa "Announce Your Flight Contest" And the Winner is

  Lufthansa’s first in-flight announcement by a kid I am big on family travel and love traveling with my children. So I could never agree with the debate in flying circles that families with kids should be sent to the back of the plane and other such ideas floating around. We, Indians, are anyway big on traveling with family including kids and now with so many Indian families traveling to far away destinations, one is always looking for a kid-friendly airline. We have enjoyed our VVIP moments, thanks to our children, when a smiling airline hostess has asked us to jump [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Feb 262016
British Airways Wins hearts with an emotional campaign

A Bond That is Fuelled by Love    First a loving memory: I have always had a deep bond and touching memories for the British Airways as me and wife jee went to London and further in Europe in a British Airways flight and we had a jolly good time. Needless to say we were given a Royal treatment throughout the flight, with the head of cabin crew herself coming and greeting us during the course of our flight to London from Delhi. Now British Airways have flown to India for more than 90 years and has deep bond with flyers [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jun 162015
Tigerair website Ticket booking experience

Sharing My experience of Booking Tickets on Tigerair Website I hope you have read my post about my post about Top 7 Things to do in Singapore -in my earlier post and about What To Shop In Singapore.  As part of my continuing research for my Singapore visite, I checked the website of Tigerair who are my hosts for this trip along with Singapore Tourism Board. I have never traveled by Tigerair earlier so was curious to know more about them and see what kind of airline they are.  So here are some screenshots with my comments about the experience [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Nov 052012

  This is one flight I will remember for a long time. The post is a bit long hope you will read it till end. I have always believed travelling is not about reaching the destination, but the Journey is the Destination. I am not sure who first came up with this quote, but I am neither ashamed to copy this nor I am scared as I am pretty sure it is not copywrited.  So recently while returning from Tal Chappar in Rajasthan I took a flight from Delhi to Hyderabad and for a change I decided to keep [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jan 272012

We decided to go and welcome 2012 in Coorg in Karnataka. I wrote about the same in my earlier posts. This post is less about the trip and more about how we almost got cheated by the cab driver. Since we live in Hyderabad and Coorg is much closer to Bangalore, I requested a dear friend Vibhor to help me with cab booking, so that the cab can take us to Coorg and stay with us for the rest of trip and drop us back to the airport after 4 days. Vibhor was kind enough to book a cab [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

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Jan 252012

As if charging 200 Rs for a stale sandwich is not enough, the so called low cost airlines have now stooped to level of throwing full fare paying passengers from plane for not giving way to the pilot. Yes I am talking about the incident that happened on Indigo airlines  last week Is this not strange the passenger was not  drunk, did not threatened anybody, did not possessed any weapons or banned substances and even offered an apology to the Pilot on  discovering that the pilot is upset because he was not given the right of way. So [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

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