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How My plan to surprise Wife jee & Kids backfired and how TinyOwl Saved the day


Disclaimer:  All Characters in this story are absolutely  real, and any resemblance to them is purely intentional. 

What is a life without a few surprises? Every now and then life gives us surprises; some sweet and some not so sweet while some leading to something new. That I love to travel is no secret, but while most of my travels are with family or for business, every once in a while I too joined the haloed circle of backpackers and solo travelers and rough it out.

I was on one such trip in Chikamagalur in Karnataka in a fairly remote part and we were camping out in Jungles every night. But it started raining and the forecast was it will continue to rain for next 5 -7 days.  As we were in remote areas there were no restaurants or hotels nearby and we were making a camp every night, while struggling to get rid of the leeches who were feasting on us.  So we decided to call the further hiking off and decided to return back to our cities.  I was to return my home on Sunday night and this was only Thursday. So I thought of a plan if I take overnight bus to Bangalore, then I can catch early morning flight from Bangalore airport and reach my home before Lunch

Thus I bid adieu to my friends and took a taxi to drop me to Bangalore airport after hitchhiking to the nearest town. Now Bangalore airport takes pride in being one of the best airports in South India, but on that night it was no different from a railway platform with people sleeping on chairs, floor and waiting for their morning flights.  I could not get the first flight and reached my home around 12:30 pm. I resisted the real bad airline food dreaming of the mouth-watering food I will have at home after the rice khichdee with potatoes we had all through the trek.   When the air hostess asked me if I would like to have their overpriced, cold sandwiches I just smiled with a big no to her, hazily dreaming about the home cooked food.

Once I reached home I was getting restless and pressed the lift button multiple times, cursing the slowness of the lift. Finally the lift arrived and along with me 4 other folks got into the lift each pressing a different floor. I thanked Murphy for his stupid laws and tried to keep calm as the lift crawled towards the higher floors.

Finally our floor was announced by the robotic voice that suddenly sounded very sweet to me.

TinyOwl food ordering app (6)

A big surprise waited for me at home

As the lift gates opened I got out and looked towards our apartment gate. What I saw at the gate was one of the biggest surprises; our huge padlock greeted me with a wily smile.  Only now it occurred to me that I have not called the Missus that I am arriving home 2 days in advance.  As I fiddled with the lock with my set of keys I dialed Missus to announce my arrival and find out where she and the kids have gone.

The Missus was equally surprised to know that I have arrived home but informed me that since I was to come of Sunday. She and kids decided to visit her mom’s home over the weekend and as my phone was unreachable she just assumed I must be in a remote area. So here I was in my home anticipating some “garma garam aloo parathas” but instead I was welcome by an empty house. Rather than giving a surprise to the missus and kids, it was me who got the surprise. There was no point in asking the kids and missus to come back after they have traveled to the other end of the city to meet the parents.

Fikar Not, I told myself, and bravely moved towards the kitchen.

So what if the wife jee is not at home, I can cook food for myself. Let me check what all is there in the fridge and I will make a wonderful lunch for myself.

TinyOwl food ordering app (10)

What a Kaddu Surprise

But as lady lunch luck, would have it only thing in the fridge was a bottle of sauce, some lemons, a carrot, a cucumber and a bottle guard aka KADDU.  What an irony it was somebody who wanted to surprise his family was here being served a KADDU as surprise.


Now I was wondering what to do, and it is here I remembered learning about the TinyOwl app on Indiblogger for a contest.  Rest my friends as they say is history.

In a jiffy I downloaded the TinyOwl app from the Google Play Store on my android phone.

TinyOwl food ordering app (11)

I downloaded the TinyOwl app from Android

The introductory pictures were enough to double my appetite, and easy to surf menu on the basis of dishes or restaurants was enough to make me salivate.

TinyOwl food ordering app (9)

The pictures on the home screen of Tiny Owl made me drool

TinyOwl food ordering app (4)

Can you resist this ??

TinyOwl food ordering app (8)

Yum Yum Yum: This TinyOwl is my favorite bird in the world


TinyOwl food ordering app (12)

Soon I was lost in dishes and menus on TinyOwl

TinyOwl food ordering app (7)

The TinyOwl Menu was full of options for vegetarian, non vegetarian, desi and continental food

TinyOwl food ordering app (5)

Choices are never bad… I love choices in life and food 🙂

TinyOwl food ordering app (2)

I decided to have a Veg Hawaiian Pizza in honor of Miss Hawa Hawaii

As I surfed through different menus, suddenly life looked rosy once again. After going through tens of restaurants and home chefs serving all kind of Biryanis, Parathas, Pizzas, Sandwiches, home cooked meals etc. I decided to order a Pizza.  I had never felt this good pressing on the order and make payment button like I felt at the time of ordering this pizza.

TinyOwl food ordering app (1)

Don’t drool on my pizza, order your own on TinyOwl 😛

In the end the surprise did proved to be a good one with me discovering the Tiny Owl App that is quick and friendly to order food directly from your phone. I liked the fact that the TinyOwl app told me how much time the restaurant will take to deliver food, this way I could peacefully take my shower without worrying that the delivery boy will ring the bell.

Next day wife jee and kids returned home in the evening but this time I had already prepared a big surprise for them, by ordering dinner for them using Tiny Owl app.  That was the easiest way to not listen to all the gyan  from the Missus about not informing her to come home early. ( That I got a great discount is the part I never told her 🙂 )

This post is part of  Tiny Owl contest on Indiblogger and you can download Tiny Owl app from here:

 Tiny Owl for Android

Tiny Owl For iOS 

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TinyOwl food ordering app (1)

My Favorite Bird: TinyOwl

🙂 🙂 🙂

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