Mar 302016
Musings from McLeod Ganj - The Rahi On Road Trip to Himachal

 Stories from Rahi On Road Trip to Kangra in Himachal   We were not supposed to be in McLeod Ganj, but for some reason, we  reached McLeod Ganj and decided to explore the overcrowded Bazaar of McLeod Ganj. We visited the Dalali Lama Temple, haggled with vendors, looked at all the eye candy around us, tried to flirt with a few, clicked a lot of horrible pictures that would never be put to any use.  After being a tourist in McLeod Ganj, in Himachal Pradesh, we were rushing to our next stop, famished we zeroed on a Pizza Joint [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Aug 302015
The Game of Surprises : TinyOwl comes to rescue

How My plan to surprise Wife jee & Kids backfired and how TinyOwl Saved the day   Disclaimer:  All Characters in this story are absolutely  real, and any resemblance to them is purely intentional.  What is a life without a few surprises? Every now and then life gives us surprises; some sweet and some not so sweet while some leading to something new. That I love to travel is no secret, but while most of my travels are with family or for business, every once in a while I too joined the haloed circle of backpackers and solo travelers and rough [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]