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Kerala Blog Express Season 2


I am happy and sad at the same time, happy because Kerala Blog Express is back in season 2,  inviting travel bloggers from around the world to come and experience God’s Own Country in  a customized Volvo bus from South to North of Kerala. So why I am sad ???  Let me shed a tear or two first, on remembering the good old days when I met some of the most awesome fellow travelers from around the world. I have made some friends for life and we still stay in touch with each other as well as the wonderful folks at Kerala Tourism. So why I am sad, well I am sad because last years winners are not eligible to apply!!! Ah Kerala I will miss you  🙁 🙁 🙁   ( but I am keeping my fingers crossed you never know when a miracle may happen in God’s Own Country)


Sunset over  Chinese fishing nets Fort Cochin Kerala

A Magical Sunset in Fort Cochin Kerala

. But this also means that there will be 27 less bloggers applying for the same !!  Let me share some of the life time of memories that we made on our trip of a lifetime in Kerala in this video that Kerala Tourism made about the journey where my fellow travelers share there experiences and take me back to that wonderful trip across Kerala.

BTW Roxanne Bamboat  aka The Tiny Taster on the screen shot of video is my favoritest ( yes I know there is no such word but still it is true)  food blogger from India, read more about her in my post on Mollywood dance in  Munnar in Kerala.   You can check the other winners of Kerala Blog Express  Season I here

So all my dear fellow travel bloggers what are you waiting for go ahead and register yourself here  for Kerala Blog Express 2

Visit this link for my posts about my trips in Kerala:   Kerala Blog Express  and you can read about the best of the hotels we stayed, the food we tried and soaked in the cultural and historical heritage of God’s Own Country.

Here is a picture that I clicked in Kerala that got me into Better Photography Magazine in one of their competitions.

Talking of contests there is  a  small giveaway on desi Traveler : You can win a 2015 desi  Calender in  giveaway with 12 pictures clicked by desi Traveler, the best part you pick the pictures that you want in the Calender from the ones that I have shared here on the blog, including some of my favorite pictures of Sunset in Fort Cochin.

Hurry up the last date for entries to close for Kerala Blog Express is December 24, 2014. Check this link for FAQs about KBE 2


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  1. I just finished reading all of your posts about your trip and I’m happy beacuse it sounds like an incredible place that at some point I’m going to visit for sure, but a luttle sad because there are so many other bloggers participating that will be veeery difficult to be one of the lucky 25…but hey, still dreaming! Maybe you could help me out by voting for me (Stefania Guglielmi)? It would be awesome! Anyway, kudos on your posts, great job 🙂

  2. This seems like fun. I’ve visited Kerala many times and always love it more and more.

  3. Truely it was the best 15days of life we spent, that bonding we made with all those bloggers to whom we were meeting for first time, even you sir… and ended up as being best buddies… hats off to kerala blog express whose efforts are bringing people close for a single cause… Miss u all KBX’ers

  4. I just saw this post !! How sweet to mention me thank you so much ,( I’m thrilled I’m the favouritest 😀 ) this has made my day 🙂 It’s also made me a little nostalgic thinking about our trip because we really did have such a beautiful experience. I really hope to see you in Delhi soon !!

  5. Aww I thought I was your fav 😉 * runs away …I was so glad to meet you and so glad to be part of this crazy adventure. …How I miss meetING yiu and others….:)

  6. Great opportunity for bloggers

  7. Great that you had a great time last year! Belated congrats for being a winner 🙂
    Have visited Kerala twice.
    Would have loved to take part, but this year time is a constraint. Maybe possible in the future!

  8. I hope I can participate.

  9. I wont get two week leave, hence have to stay away from this contest…Will explore Kerala one weekend at a time…

  10. I am sad too. So you get me with you. But I am happy too. Why I am happy, because I am travelling to God’s own country. Why I am Sad ?? Because I can not register as I am travelling with my family. That increased the number of bloggers not participating. Hope there will be an opportunity in future to travel with some unknown traveler friends who I have never met. 🙂

  11. uh-oh. I see it was a great Fam trip.
    I would love to register, but this year is such a wrong time for me. 🙁 Next year maybe, if it;s up, ie. ) There’s so much more to see in the home state.

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