Aug 062017
The Blogchatter Writing Retreat At Taj Gateway Resort Damdama Gurgaon

What I learned at The Blogchatter Retreat At Taj Gateway Damdama Gurgaon First things first as most of you will know I am not big on joining blogging seminars etc. as I am not much of a networking type. I have attended a few of them and mostly end up feeling totally out of place. So when Richa the founder of Blogchatter invited me to join for the Blogchatter Retreat at Taj Gateway Resort in Damdama Gurgaon, I was kind of skeptical. Anyways long story short thanks to the persuasive powers that Richa enjoys and the fact that the agenda [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jun 142016
So Delhi Confluence at The Lalit

 The Good, the bad and the best of So Delhi Confluence at The Lalit Delhi Blogging as a creative medium and career choice is still evolving in India. Blogging as a career option is still trying to find its feet on the ground with only a handful of bloggers in India making decent money from blogging. Whenever I attend any blogging event, the talk eventually moves to “How to Make Money from Blogging”. Now, this always makes me a bit uncomfortable as I never started blogging with the intention of making money. I still do not make much money blogging, [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Feb 042014
Some Technical Issues: Site Hacked and Recovered

  Dear Reader: The site is facing some technical issues. Kindly bear till we sort them out. Thanks desi Traveler Fortunately we are back and the site is functional once again. So here is an update: desi Traveler was hacked and some malicious code was inserted in to word press. The code had more than 50 links to spammy sites. I discovered it accidentally while searching for some information and saw this screen shot with desi traveler showcasing things like Viagra, Cialis, Loans etc. Needless to say I could not understand what is happening as I don’t know much [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jan 122014
Best Hindi Travel Blogs India

Top Hindi Travel Blogs in India  Recently desi Traveler featured in a few lists of top travel blogs of India, while I was happy, I was also a bit sad to see no Hindi travel blog in the list. If you read my blog regularly you would have noticed that my English is not very good, and I would easily fail in any English Grammar and Comprehension test. But I blog in English as that is where I feel more comfortable writing and that is where I felt readers are.  I have written only one post in Hindi on this [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Oct 072013
Camel Herders in Town

The Camel Herders are in Town On my way to American Corner in St. Francis college,  I was stuck in traffic, and cursing myself for not      taking the other route. Slowly I inched towards the epicenter of the jam and found 6-7 camels and camel herders hogging the road, oblivious to the chaos around.  While I was trying to practice my anger management 101, the camels discovered something chew-able on the side of road and started munching the Castor oil bushes  they have found. This cleared the road and vehicles zipped passed.  Not me, I now wanted to click [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jan 222013
Hyderabad Bloggers Meet-Using Social Media for Change

Some time ago I wrote a post on how blogging changed my life it was more of introspection. What I missed was how we bloggers can be catalysts or change agents using our reach in social media to bring social change. I have no qualms about the influence we bloggers have and we will never get to taste the power that is poison, nor will we be able to replicate the Arab Spring. What I am writing in this post emerged from the Hyderabad Bloggers meet that I attended last Sunday, which was meticulously planned and organized by Subhorup [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Oct 152012
7 Things Blogging Changed In My Life

These indiblogger guys keep on pushing me to get out of my slumber and write more frequently. This time the topic is how blogging has changed my life; I was like ok let me ponder this, as contest or no contest I have been thinking about it recently. I think blogging has changed my life in 7 major ways and let me list each one of them: 1.       Life is more than Deadlines: I think once I started blogging and reading blogs of others one question that has been hounding me is why my life revolves around the deadlines [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]