Jun 262015
Experiential Travel in Jordan

Jordan Travel Experiences Evolution is the essence of life and those who do not evolve join dinosaurs. We travelers too continue to evolve over our journeys, for there is no better teacher than travel. While some time I say I am an MBBS MD traveler just to showcase how different travelers like to bracket themselves, today I want to delve a bit more serious topic. In last few years I found that experiential travel makes me the happiest and more engaged with the places and people I visit.  Let me try to explain starting as a typical tourist I [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Oct 072013
Camel Herders in Town

The Camel Herders are in Town On my way to American Corner in St. Francis college,  I was stuck in traffic, and cursing myself for not      taking the other route. Slowly I inched towards the epicenter of the jam and found 6-7 camels and camel herders hogging the road, oblivious to the chaos around.  While I was trying to practice my anger management 101, the camels discovered something chew-able on the side of road and started munching the Castor oil bushes  they have found. This cleared the road and vehicles zipped passed.  Not me, I now wanted to click [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]