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Guess Where  is this beautiful palace

Your’s truly was busy last few weeks traveling both for fun as well as for work, now as for me Work is also fun sometimes the boundaries are a bit blurred.  So today I give you couple of pictures of my travels while I work on a detailed post about one of the places I visited.

This is a very unique fairy tale type location and the bold colors should give away where it is.  But if you can pin point the exact place I will send you a large print of 12 * 18 from the main post anywhere in world. All you need to do is guess where this wonderful fairy tale location is.

You are allowed as many comments as you want. They will remain hidden till the main posts goes live some time next week.

So here are the pictures taken at the location. You are free to Google for answers.

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Linking the post to Skywatch Friday, check them for more sky pictures.

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Update:  The Palace Heritage hotel in this post is Lakshman Sagar in   Pali district of Rajasthan near Raipur town. While most of you got Rajasthan correctly I was looking more as the name of the palace. Mridula Dwivedi and Sharell Cook gave the correct answer and Sid The wanderer made a guess. So Mridula and Sharell are the winners and I am contacting them by email. Thanks every body watch desi Traveler for another exiting contest coming very soon.  The winners get to pick any picture from my detailed post on Lakshman Sagar and I will send them a large print by courier. 

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  21 Responses to “Guess Where Contest”

Comments (21)
  1. It looks lovely – so pretty!

  2. I think its Lakshman Sagar?

  3. it is rajasthan for sure :p trying to guess the city. Udaipur?

  4. pink city jaipur?

  5. Perfect pics!
    Have a nice day!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  6. Is it Jaipur? Definitely looks like Rajasthan or Gujarat to me considering the havelis and the colorful attire of the women.

  7. That pink. That delicious shade of pink. Rajasthan?

  8. looks so pleasant 🙂

  9. Really amazing & nice pictures but really Unable to find out This Place Name ! I must say this Place is really Beautiful !

  10. It’s Pali district of Rajasthan. Lakshman Sagar hotel. 🙂 I’ve stayed there. Fairytale place! <3

  11. I think somewhere in Rajasthan…surely a former palace

  12. I think the place is somewhere in Rajasthan but could be wrong. I know its India somewhere and given the dress worn by the women in the picture, it seems to be Rajasthan.

  13. I gather India somewhere, but no clue where. Beautiful photos!

  14. This is Lakshman Sagar in Rajasthan.

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