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 A Little Surprise in Koh Samui: The Kirikayan Boutique  Hotel

Ah Koh Samui, so many memories, each better than other, every time I want to write about Koh Samui I am in a dilemma – should I write about the clean beaches that are great for water sports and even better to do nothing, or I should write about the eclectic Chewang road with its Thank God Its Friday attitude every single day ?

So after the Koh Samui airport let me focus on the hotel we stayed in Koh Samui, the Kirikayan Boutique Hotel, Chaweng Beach. Luckily the hotel is in a relatively quieter part of Chewang Beach road,  designed to give you impression of living in a tropical jungle, and jungle it is, minus the creatures.

Kirikayan Boutique Hotel Chaweng Koh Samui

The little jungle cum courtyard 

First Impressions: The reception is like a large courtyard with luxurious green sofas giving a complex to the humdrum coffee tables followed by two staircases one going to the open air and the other to the covered portion of the restaurant that serves Thai and select International cuisine.


The coffee Shop staircase Kirikayan Boutique Hotel

The Staircases

Coffee Shop Chaweng Koh Samui

Lobby cum coffee shop

Tropical Garden Kirikayan Boutique Hotel Chaweng

My room was hidden somewhere behind those green bushes

With only ground and first floor hidden under dense canopy of tropical flowering bushes, you cannot see your room from reception as it is hidden behind dense foliage inviting you to explore the bowels of the jungle that fork to reveal your ivory-white cottage that,  hides the rich colors inside. Every nook and corner in the hotel a Henry Moore mother and child replica stared at you.

The room is well equipped with all the Taam Jham ( desi – for zing bang like TV, Fridge, coffee maker, DVD etc ) that you expect from a luxury hotel but are delighted to find in your boutique that you thought would be like a bland B&B ( Note to self: Never assume a Boutique hotel = B & B ) .

Room Kirikayan Boutique Hotel Koh Samui Thailand

The Room : Note the mythological etching on the glass

Bedroom Kirikayan Boutique Hotel

The room

As our regular readers will remember I love bathrooms, not because I love taking long baths but because they are a challenge to click pictures as the space is cramped and because of mirrors it is always difficult to get a good angle. The other reason I like bathrooms is that they give the true character of a hotel.

A beautiful hotel room with a mundane or worse still untidy  bathroom is like your nouveau riche neighbor who wears an Armani but when he takes off his shoes you can see his big toe exhibiting a textbook case of Candidal Onychomycosis, from the apicular orifice of his striped sox.

Kirikayan Boutique Hotel got full marks in this department and I liked the designer bathroom with shower that had light filtering through a clever window in the back, while mirrors in corner made me bit dizzy on seeing my clones in every direction. ( not shown here as I don’t want the readers to be scared away )

Designer hotel Bathroom

Light Filtering through a cleverly made window in shower area

The Mirrors in Bathroom

The Mirrors: Not showing the not so fair one here

But the best part of the Kirikayan Boutique hotel is that it is right on the beach, and I mean right on the beach, as soon as the pool deck ends the beach begins, or may be it was the moment beach ended the pool deck began, I am not sure which one is more accurate.  May be both are true it depends you are standing on the beach or on the pool deck so the perspective matters.

Chaweng Beach Koh Samui

The Beach almost looked as if it is private beach

The Pool at Kirikayan Boutique Hotel Chaweng Beach

The Pool

The beach was mostly devoid of human forms, but sometime it got very crowded like in this picture below.

Chaweng beach tourists

Some times the beach got companied

But wait 2 is only company and three is a crowd. Hmm so let me paraphrase The beach was mostly devoid of human forms but sometime it got companied. Ah! the joys of giving absolutely correct information to your reader. (This is where desi Traveler takes a break from typing and pats his own the back so loudly that the patting makes a taping sound that tries fill the void created by stopping of typing sound)

The breakfast service is a bit slow but that was compensated by the fabulous Thai Vegetarian dinner that the chef made for me using local vegetables and fresh coconut milk.

Over all a good stay for two nights at the hotel which I thoroughly enjoyed staying.

Quick facts about:  Kirikayan Boutique Hotel

Here is the website of hotel that you can use for bookings: Kirikayan Boutique Hotel

Location: It is on the busy Chewang Beach Road but is not in a noisy part.

Beach is right in the backyard of the hotel

All day dining is available in the hotel, and nearby market also has many popular restaurants and pubs.

Kirikayan Boutique Hotel Chewang

Kirikayan Boutique Hotel- Chaweng Beach Samui

I was invited by TAT New Delhi for the trip, and I had a great time in Amazing Thailand

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  1. Stylishness and greenery. Nice combo there.
    Love that mythical picture. And nice to see it on glass.

  2. the interiors look calm and relaxing 🙂

  3. Despite the recent spate of coups, Thailand still remains one of the most rejuvenating destinations in the world.

  4. What a great hotel, very luxurious. The lighting is very cool.

  5. I am a first timer here. Loved the pics and the detailed post.
    Its the bathroom I look into whenever I book a hotel and this one seems lovely!!

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