Jun 222017

Next section is on images from Mothers from our Wildlife Sanctuaries

Here in a single Instagram post, I have shared images of various animals, you can swipe/click right on the image to see the other images from the Wild.
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Motherhood can evoke some of the most primal feelings in female fo any species, the instinct to protect the young one is so strong in a mother that a mother will take on an enemy many times her size in nature.  So In today's post in #mothersday series let me showcase some of the mothers from Animal kingdom. The first pictures are of a calf trying to hide in the legs of his mother next to a highway that cuts across the ghats in Wayanad. The shy calf snuggled his way into the legs of his mom as if telling us #photographers > " Click My &$s". . . .  The next images are of a mama bear and cub in the magical forests of #Satpura in Madhya Pradesh. We maintained a respectable distance from mama bear and the cub as they dug the ground near a pond, had some water and then slowly vanished into the jungle. . . . The last image in the mothers of animal kingdom series is of a Neel Gai and the calf clicked close to #Gurgaon in Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. What was once the natural home of these beautiful creatures is today a jail for them as the sanctuary has been cordoned off from the surroundings with the aim to protect the animals, making them prisoners in their own homes. . . . PS: How about joining hands for this celebrations about mothers? Tag & use #desiTraveler in any pictures of mother and kid/s and I will share the best ones here and on my blog desiTraveler? You can also use #MerePassMaanHai ( मेरे पास माँ है )

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  1. Mom Bloggers zindabad.

  2. Loved the series on Instagram!

  3. wonderful collection 🙂

  4. You have captured the unique bond between a mother and daughter beautifully.

  5. This picture is worth a zillion words 🙂 Simply WOW!

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