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The section on Mom Bloggers is where I specially requested other mom bloggers to spare some time and allow me to click their pictures. In this section, you see these wonderful mom bloggers along with their kids. Except in the first one, where actually it is the daughter who is the blogger and the mother has joined her from Indonesia for a vacation in Singapore.

Satya from Indonesia was in Singapore for #Escapers17. On the last day of our trip,  she has flown in her mom so that they can have a vacation together in Singapore. Here is the story of Satya and her mom for the #mothersday series as shared by Satya, when I met her and her mom in #Singapore . . . “ I was only 7  years old when my mom became a widow. My youngest brother was a week old and my mom was in the hospital after delivery when my father passed away in the same hospital. So here was my mom with 4 kids, no job and no way to raise us.  But she picked up the pieces together with great difficulty as she had no choice but to take care of us. The only work she could find was to sell fish. So she would lock us in the home as she could not afford daycare. I don’t know how we all survived those days. In the evening when she would come back and want a hug I would refuse and say. “Mom I will not hug you, you smell of fish, and my mom will silently weep because her kids will not even give her a hug at the end of the day. . . . My mom missed my dad every single day and she would write a diary talking to my Dad every day. This is what kept her going. She would visit his grave and carry flowers and read him from the diary she has written.  Later when my mom married again after many years, I was very upset and I would not talk to her for a long time. But then one day when I was about 16 I and my mom had a heart to heart talk and I understood why my mom needed to marry again. She still loves my father and writes to him. My step dad is a good man and we all live in one big family. His kids from an earlier marriage and all of us, oh I cannot even explain to you how all this works out. Somewhere around this time, I was only nodding to Satya as my ability to listen was no longer working, a part of me wanted to cry but could not as I wanted to click a picture of  Satya and her mom for this series. But I was not carrying my portrait lens so I clicked the images from my cell phone only. . . . I want to thank both Satya and her mom for sharing their story with me and agreeing for the photographs.  I am sure Satya’s mom is very proud of her as you can see from her bea

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The second image is of Roli Gaur who chronicles here stories on YouTube.

Do you remember that classic scene from Deewar where Shashi Kapoor silences Big B with a single line " मेरे पास माँ है or I have Mother "⠀ ⠀ 14th May is #MothersDay, but don't you think every day should be Mother's Day? I am celebrating Mother's day on my Instagram till 14th may and will be sharing a picture and mini story of a mom and child each day. Some of the images were clicked during my travels and some were clicked here in Delhi NCR under more controlled conditions. I hope these stories will resonate with you and make you smile or think & thank the mothers around you. ⠀ ⠀ In the first post, I am sharing an image of Roli who calls herself - Crazy Indian Mother and shares her love for her son on her Youtube channel > @rgv_love. Her son Aryaveer is the star of her show. Aryaveer enjoys listening to book reading sessions by her mom and showed me some of his toys when I visited their home to click them. Like most boys, his favorite is also a car but he also likes to play make sounds of animals especially of a doggy. What are your memories of your childhood and your mother?⠀ =====================⠀ ⠀ PS: How about joining hands for this celebrations about moms? Tag & use #desiTraveler in any pictures of mother and kid/s and I will share the best ones here and on my blog desi Traveler? You can also use #MerePassMaanHai

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Below is the image of Ruchi Singh Rao and her kids. She writes the popular blog Curvy-shurvy

Ruchi is a dentist, but now helps in managing family business besides the kids, which in itself keep her busy to a large extent. But she still finds time to joins hand in helping manage some of the family business. I sometimes wonder how mothers manage all this and they never say " I am busy " Clicking Ruchi & her children was the most fun shoot I have done for this series on #mothersday. Our kids are of similar age & I could easily connect with them. While Mehak is a shy teenager, her brother Rehan & I immediately became buddies. He was keen to be clicked but could rarely stand still for the pictures so I just played a little game with him. Just when I would be ready to click I will tell him to look into the camera lens & say " Rehan look here & a little bird will fly out" A trick I learned from an old photographer who used one of those pinhole cameras when I was a kid. Once the shoot was done Rehan was worried how will I send him the pictures, so I had to explain the process that I will download the images on my computer and then send to his mother's computer via email. Grownups can learn so much from kids about curiosity and how to ask the right questions.⠀ Over to Ruchi ⠀ "I could never giggle through the topics of marriage and motherhood, the way most girls my age did. During my pregnancy weird thoughts would cross my mind like "will I be able to love my baby, the way my mother loves me" or "what if I couldn't be a good mother?" and what not. But when I saw my beautiful little princess, all pink with long silky tresses, my heart skipped a thousand beats!! No words could ever describe that emotion. And all I could say was "Not without my daughter". A mother is a very selfless being always prioritizing the child's need over everything else. Later, we had another addition to the family, my adorable 'Sonshine'. I had given up my career to bring up my babies and now, that I am taking baby steps towards resuming my work, my kids are my strongest supporters. That's the beauty of this relationship - you give up on a lot of things but what you get in return is much more & PRICELESS. All I can say is "Not without my babies"

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Next, we have Rosme Chaube and her kids. Rosme shares her views on her blog > Rosme In Wonderland

Truth be told: When I reached to click this picture for #mothersday series of @rosme_dubey and her kids I had no idea what to expect. I have never met Rosme before and I only thought she is a food/travel blogger as I had seen some of her food and travel blog posts. Meeting her was a revelation. She is not only a blogger but also a yoga practitioner and an ayurvedic doctor. Both the kids are super shy and were initially reluctant to pose, for the pictures. I don't think I can express better than some of the lines that I have just copied from her blog post about motherhood⠀#jj_forum_2281 ⠀ Over to Rosme as only a mother can express so beautifully >> ⠀ ⠀ I vividly remember the happiness that surged inside when I saw this baby pink beauty wrapped in a royal blue blanket. A year and a half later all the pain and discomfort I endured en route the hospital in active labor was forgotten when I first glimpsed at my lovely baby boy. Being a mother enriched my life and has been one of the biggest blessings of life.⠀ I wake up every morning to hugs and kisses and that lazy smile on those strawberry red lips is like a caffeine shot to my brain which never fails to lift my spirits.⠀ Children can absorb the slightest negativity and like every other parent, I strive to see a smile on their face. Hence I am never gloomy, tired or stressed around them consciously and this results in buoyant spirits.⠀ In fact, I owe this post to my children who encouraged me to follow my dreams and yet stay at home. Every time the going gets tough, I remember the smile on my children’s face when they saw my first post and that helps me get on my feet again.⠀ ⠀ Check the complete post on her blog: Rosme In Wonderland⠀ ⠀ =======================================⠀ ⠀ PS: How about joining hands for this celebrations about mothers? Tag & use #desiTraveler in any pictures of mother and kid/s and I will share the best ones here and on my blog desiTraveler? You can also use #MerePassMaanHai ( मेरे पास माँ है )

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The last image is something I don’t normally click but somehow I had a feeling that the series on Mothers Day – Mere Paas Maa Hai will not be complete without this picture no matter how painful it is.

In this picture on #MothersDay series you may or may not see a mother. I NEVER take pictures of people who beg for a living for many reasons that are beyond the scope of this post. But I made an exception here & including this picture of a #girlchild in this Mothers Day series. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ This kid does not have a choice to beg or not beg. She has been dressed like a " Devi Maa " or Mother Goddess to ask for alms on a #Varanasi Ghat. I don't think the poor kid has any clue as to what she is doing or is suppose to do. She is just sitting there looking around as a group of men plays behind her. I don't want to lecture anybody on what is the right thing to do as I am myself not sure. On one side is the instant gratification of feeling good by throwing some coins in her direction, on other side is the fear that this will only increase the kids joining the begging bandwagon. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ⠀ So I am not offering any " Gyan here; I just want to pray to " Maa" to take care of kids like her. So that they too can say " Mere Pass Maan Hai " or मेरे पास माँ है. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ PS: How about joining hands for this series about mothers day? Tag & use #desiTraveler in any pictures of mother and kid/s and I will share the best ones here and on my blog desiTraveler? You can also use #MerePassMaanHai or मेरे पास माँ है

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This photo project on Mothers Day was something that really helped me understand and carry out a more structured way to work on photography projects and I hope to do some more in the near future.  I learned many things while clicking images for the Mothers day series from the often neglected process of communicating and reaching out to other bloggers to convince total strangers to agree and get clicked by me. I can not thank them enough for this.

Finally, before we go, I hope you are aware that I have changed the process of showcasing other bloggers and photographers on desi Traveler blog. The process is now very simple in order to be featured on desi Traveler blog all you need to do is follow desi Traveler on Instagram and use #desiTraveler in your images. I will pick up my favorite images and showcase them on a monthly basis. Yes That Simple. And if you are wondering why you would want to be featured on desi Traveler blog then may I suggest you read this earlier blog post > What Happened On desi Traveler Blog in 2016.

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